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Functional inks and solutions for the printed electronics

What we do

Nanopaint is a technology-based company dedicated to the development and manufacture of functional inks for the printed electronics industry. Also design and develop standard and customized solutions for different types of industries, in the form of inks, films or sensors.

About Us

Before establishing the company in 2016, Nanopaint developed the technology for more than 5 years until be ready to the market. The company emerged as a Spinoff from the University of Minho and have acquired a strong R&D component with a solid background on electroactive polymers, composites and nanoparticle synthesis. Our goal is to supply innovative functional inks for the printed electronics market. Nanopaint’s team is composed of highly trained and experienced people, dedicated to the achievement of the best products to our clients.

Products and Services

Nanopaint produces distinctive functional inks which can be adapted for different printing techniques used in the industry: inkjet printing, doctor blade/stencil printing, spray, screen printing, among others.
With our inks, we produce standard film sheets with specific proprieties. We can also offer customized printed sensors according to customer needs.
Nanopaint support every client’s project from the early to the final stage of development, i.e., from concept to design, and prototyping to mass production, using always the best technology and solutions.
We also give consulting in order to create high value products or improving the industrial processes of our clients.

Who Are Our Clients

We are privileged to be working with many companies, R&D centers and Institutes around the world. Our clients always come first and we make ensure that they are fully satisfied with our products and service.
We supply clients from all industries including: Automobile, Biomedical, Consumer electronics, Textile and Sports.
Our technology can be applied in other industries, so if you have in mind a specific application or product that you want to develop, you can contact us and we will be glad to help you.


Piezoresistive ink

Ink developed to create stress and force sensors

Our piezoresistive ink shows a strong variation of the electrical resistance upon mechanical deformation, allowing the implementation of force and stress sensors on different types of substrates. Some applications are:

  • Biomedical: Blood pressure measurement, intra cranial pressure monitoring, air monitoring, urinary pressure measurement
  • Automotive: Oil level, gas level, air pressure detection
  • Household Appliances: Washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners
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Piezoelectric ink

Ink designed to create pressure and acceleration sensors

Nanopaint piezoelectric ink can generates a voltage when a mechanical force is applied and also can be deformed under an electrical excitation. This ink can be used to produce sensors and actuators for different applications:

  • Automotive: combustion monitoring, control of rotor or linear elements, ultrasonic welding
  • Consumer electronics: touch pads and tilt sensors of mobile phones, keyboards, printers, speakers, buzzers
  • Medical: ultrasound imaging, ultrasonic procedures
  • Defense: micro robotics, course-changing bullets
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Magnetic and Magnetoelectric inks

Inks developed to produce sensors and actuators with magnetic proprieties

Our magnetoelectric ink have the ability to generate an electrical signal to the variation of a magnetic field. Several types of sensor and actuators can be fabricated with this ink, such as magnetic field and electrical current sensors. Some applications are used in:

  • Medical and Healthcare: magnetic low-field sensors
  • Robotic, Automotive, Electronics, Packaging: magnetic identification tags
  • Learning, Toys and Games: magnetic sensors and actuators
Download Ferromagnetic datasheet Download Magnetoelectric datasheet Download Superparamagnetic datasheet

Inks to produce printed batteries

Special inks to produce anode, cathode and electrodes

Nanopaint have specific inks to produce printed lithium ion batteries, such as the anode, the cathode and the electrodes. These inks can be used as:

  • Printed batteries
  • Energy harvesting
  • Green electrodes for batteries
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