Conductive inks

Stretchable Silver Conductive Ink


SInk01NP is a screenprinting silver paste that have stretchable properties. It can be used in several applications such as wearable electronics, smart textiles and medical devices. The SInk01NP can be use in a variety of substrates such as: textiles, elastomers substrates, PET, Polyimide, glass, among others.

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Transparent Silver Conductive Ink


TInkS02NP is a screenprinting transparent conductive silver ink printable paste that is used for thin film
PV, display, sensors and general printed electronics applications.


Electrical conductivity (<100 Ω/sq)
Transparency >90% (550nm)

Thermoplastic screen printable

Download TInk02NP TDS

Water-based carbon conductive Ink


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Copper conductive Ink


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