Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the main questions people often ask us.


  • Are the inks ready to be used?

    When you receive the inks, you should mixture the ink at least for 30 minutes.

    Check the datasheet of each ink to unsure a correct mixture.

  • What substrates can it be used to print the inks?

    Most of the substrates can be used to print the inks without any surface treatment, such as PET, Kapton, PEN, fabrics, metal.

    If you have a specific substrate that you want to use, please contact us.

  • What is the shelf life of the inks?

    Most of the inks have a minimum shelf life of 6 months after being oponed.

  • What type of printing technique are the inks suitable?

    Most of our inks can be adjusted for most printed techniques, however some are limited to specific ones.

    Please contact us to make sure our inks can work properly with your printing technique.

  • What is the minimum volume sample available?

    Our minimum sample volume have 50 ml.

    Higher quantities are available. Contact us to know the prices for different volumes.

  • What applications can I develop with Nanopaint’s inks?

    There is a wide range of applications that you can create with our ink, by producing sensors to measure:

    Pressure, stretch, torsion, force, vibration, magnetic field variation, etc.


  • Can Nanopaint print customized sensors?

    Yes, just send us the drawings and requirements, and we will print your sensors.

  • Can Nanopaint develop a prototypes, including electronics and software?

    Besides producing functional inks and printing sensors, we also develop prototypes which can include electronics and software.

    Our engineer team is able to develop all stages, from the concept idea to the final solution.

  • Is there any Demo Kit to test Nanopaint’s sensors?

    We have 2 Demo Kits for you to test it: Piezoresistive and Piezoelectric sensors.

    They include sensors, electronic readout and software to visualize and quantify the pressure/force/position applied on the sensors.

  • Do Nanopaint have the capability to mass production?

    Our facilities allows us to produce hundreds of liters of ink per day, if necessary.

    Regarding printing sensors, we are able to produce prototypes and pre-series.