Piezoresistive Demonstration Kit

Nanopaint’s Piezoresistive Demo Kit offers different pressure and stretchable sensors printed with Nanopaint piezoresistive inks. The Kit includes, a single and multi zone pressur e sensitive sensor (InkPR02NP and SFInkPR03NP), a smart insole ALPHAFOOT (E-TEXPR01NP) and stretchable sensors printed on fabric and plastic substrats.

Soon, the Piezoresistive demo kit will also offer hardware and software for quick technology testing and validation.

The Piezoresistive Prototyping Kits allow the user to understand how our inks/sensors will behave in their projects, giving the confidence to easily implement them in their own systems.

These kits are made for a more efficient progression to field-testing and the final embedded design.