As a producer of functional inks and printed sensor manufacturer, Nanopaint supplies different types of customers, from companies to universities and R&D centers. Our wide range of inks and printed sensors can be applied in many industries such as:


The automotive industry is adopting new technologies in its operations at an unprecedented scale, with new levels of electronic functionality, control and sensor systems, all powered by next-gen electronics and material systems. Our capabilities in printed sensors means we can support your projects with smart materials development, in order to reinvent the manufacturing processes of human-machine interfaces (HMI) and sensors on the automotive structure and cockpit.

Aeronautic and Aerospace

The demand for new materials by aeronautic and aerospace industries is growing, coupled with its increasing applications in the new generation of aircrafts and rising environmental concerns. Nanopaint’s functional inks enables the production of customized sensors to be printed directly on the aircraft structure or components, with low weight and volume, as well the absence of cables.


Our engineers team provide the best suitable technical support, helping you to develop your healthcare devices. We support you from the concept idea to the prototype stage, ensuring the full capabilities of your devices.


Applying our inks or printed sensors into sport apparel and devices allows the possibility to monitor and quantify different types of physical parameters, in an easy and flexible way. With our expertise, we are able to help you develop your projects.