Functional Inks

Pressure, stretchable and force sensors

Piezoresistive Ink

Nanopaint piezoresistive inks shows a strong variation of the electrical resistance upon mechanical deformation, allowing the implementation of force, pressure and stretchable sensors on different types of substrates. Some applications are:

  • Biomedical: Pressure mattress for beds, smart Insole for foot pressure monitorization; blood pressure measurement; urinary pressure measurement,…
  • Automotive industry: Control, touch buttons and monitoring sensors; pressure sensors on car seat and to measure measuring hydraulic systems; Accelerometers, which measure g-forces,…
  • Household Appliances: Wall force sensors, smart walls; sensors for washing machines, pressure floor, TV controller,…
  • Smart Textiles and Wearable applications
  • Sports equipment: rackets, knee brace, smart gloves,…

Piezoresisitive InkPR02NP®

Solvent free Piezoresistive SFInkPR03NP®

Piezoresistive for textiles E-TeXPR01NP®

Impact, Pressure and acceleration sensors

Piezoelectric ink

A piezoelectric material can generate a voltage when a mechanical force is applied and can be deformed under an electrical excitation. Our piezoelectric ink can be used to produce sensors and actuators for different applications:

  • Automotive industry: combustion monitoring, control of rotor or linear elements, ultrasonic welding, touch panels
  • Consumer electronics: touch pads and tilt sensors of mobile phones, keyboards, printers, speakers, buzzers
  • Medical: ultrasound imaging, ultrasonic procedures, smart catheters
  • Defense: micro robotics

Piezoelectric  PEInk01NP® and GPEInk01NP®

Sensors and actuators with magnetic properties

Magnetic inks

Our range of magnetic inks are composed by: Ferromagnetic, Magnetoelectric and Superparamagnetic inks. Several types of sensor and actuators can be fabricated with these inks, such as magnetic field and electrical current sensors. Some applications are used in:

  • Medical and Healthcare: magnetic low-field sensors
  • Robotic, Automotive, Electronics, Packaging: magnetic identification tags
  • Learning, Toys and Games: magnetic sensors and actuators

Ferromagnetic FMInk01NP®

Ferromagnetic FMInk02NP®

Superparamagnetic SPMInkNP® 

Magnetoelectric MEInkNP® 

Anode & Cathode inks

Inks to produce printed batteries

Nanopaint have specific inks to produce printed lithium ion batteries, such as the anode and cathode. These inks can be used as:

  • Printed batteries
  • Energy harvesting
  • Green electrodes for batteries

Anode PBI0ANP®

Cathode PBI0CNP®