Functional Inks

Pressure, stretchable and force sensors

Piezoresistive Ink

Nanopaint piezoresistive inks shows a strong variation of the electrical resistance upon mechanical deformation, allowing the implementation of force, pressure and stretchable sensors on different types of substrates. Some applications are:

  • Biomedical: Pressure mattress for beds, smart Insole for foot pressure monitorization; blood pressure measurement; urinary pressure measurement,…
  • Automotive industry: Control, touch buttons and monitoring sensors; pressure sensors on car seat and to measure measuring hydraulic systems; Accelerometers, which measure g-forces,…
  • Household Appliances: Wall force sensors, smart walls; sensors for washing machines, pressure floor, TV controller,…
  • Smart Textiles and Wearable applications
  • Sports equipment: rackets, knee brace, smart gloves,…

Piezoresisitive InkPR02NP®

Solvent free Piezoresistive SFInkPR03NP®

Piezoresistive for textiles E-TeXPR01NP®

Impact, Pressure and acceleration sensors

Piezoelectric ink

A piezoelectric material can generate a voltage when a mechanical force is applied and can be deformed under an electrical excitation. Our piezoelectric ink can be used to produce sensors and actuators for different applications:

  • Automotive industry: combustion monitoring, control of rotor or linear elements, ultrasonic welding, touch panels
  • Consumer electronics: touch pads and tilt sensors of mobile phones, keyboards, printers, speakers, buzzers
  • Medical: ultrasound imaging, ultrasonic procedures, smart catheters
  • Defense: micro robotics
         Piezoelectric PEInk01NP®
(available in environmental-friendly version)
Sensors and actuators with magnetic properties

Magnetic inks

Our range of magnetic inks are composed by: Ferromagnetic, Magnetoelectric and Superparamagnetic inks. Several types of sensor and actuators can be fabricated with these inks, such as magnetic field and electrical current sensors. Some applications are used in:

  • Medical and Healthcare: magnetic low-field sensors
  • Robotic, Automotive, Electronics, Packaging: magnetic identification tags
  • Learning, Toys and Games: magnetic sensors and actuators

Ferromagnetic FMInk01NP® 
Download Magnetoelectric datasheet
Download Superparamagnetic datasheet

Anode, cathode and electrodes

Inks to produce printed batteries

Nanopaint have specific inks to produce printed lithium ion batteries, such as the anode, the cathode and the electrodes. These inks can be used as:

  • Printed batteries
  • Energy harvesting
  • Green electrodes for batteries

Download Anode datasheet
Download Cathode datasheet