BodyCare for Bedsore Prevention

Pressure ulcers also known as pressure sores or bedsores are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin that usually affects people confined to bed for extended periods of time. 

With rising concerns to these problems,  two Portuguese SMEs, Nanopaint and Sensing Future Technologies developed an innovative sensorized mat to be installed on hospital beds to identify and measure critical bedsore parameters. The textile detects anomalies and sends the information directly to healthcare professionals using a pressure map software.

For the final product, two different electroactive inks were developed and optimized (viscosity, dispersion, printability) to create the printed pressure sensors which are made directly onto the textile substrates which was the higher innovation of this product.

SmartX program is one of the most ambitious accelerators programs in the Smart Textiles Industry. The winners SMEs can improve its smart textiles innovation to develop an end-to end smart textiles manufacturing value chain in Europe and help drive promising prototypes faster to market.

It is a pleasure to be part of innovation and to walk alongside the best. Thank you SmartX!